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6 Quiet, Quick Exercises You Can Do While Baby Naps

It’s no secret—it can be hard sometimes to find the time to work out, especially when you’re a new mom. There’s so much to be done that you may be asking yourself when you’re going to be able to get to work getting back in shape. But there is one perfect time for you to get some quick exercising in—when your little one is napping. Following are some quick and quiet workouts that you can do while your baby’s taking a snooze.

1. Push-ups – You remember these from P.E. back in school. They’re one of the most basic exercises you can do, and they can seriously work out most of your upper body muscles. Try doing two sets of twenty push-ups the next time your little angel drifts off to dreamland.

2. Yoga – Yoga not only works out your body and enhances your balance and flexibility—it is also a great way to relax. Invest in a yoga DVD, or print out some simple yoga poses off the Internet. You don’t have to devote a full hour to yoga—twenty minutes will be just fine.

3. Planks – If you’ve never done planks, then you’re missing out on a great way to challenge your core and upper body. All you do is get in your push-up stance…and stay there. Don’t allow yourself to lower down to the ground. Just stay in that stance with your back straight for as long as you can. Chances are you’ll be shaking and trembling from the effort fairly soon! (You can see in the picture accompanying this post that these folks are doing elbow planks with weights—tough stuff!)

4. Squats – Get your legs into the game by doing some squats. When done properly, squats focus on the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Remember while you’re doing your squats that you never want your knees to go past your toes. The motion you’re making will push your butt out instead of only dipping down. Add some handheld weights to make your squats even more challenging.

5. Climb those stairs – If you live in a two-story home or in an apartment building, take advantage of the stairs and climb them! Going up and down stairs works out your legs as well as giving you a great cardio workout. (Note: If you’re in an apartment building, take your baby monitor with you so that you don’t worry about your napping child while you’re going up and down the stairs.)

6. Standing lunges – Lunges are another great way to quietly work out your legs. Simply take a big step forward and dip down into a lunge. Then step back to your original position. Repeat, alternating legs, as many times as you can. For some variety, add some side lunges into the mix!

These are just six of our favorite workouts to do while our babes are sleeping soundly. We get to work on our bodies while making sure that our kids stay asleep! What other quiet, quick exercises can you think of?

*Picture by jontunn

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