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3 Exercises to Melt Away that Post-Baby Spare Tire

Let’s be honest—after you have a baby, you’re going to notice some flab around your midsection. Every mother does. And you may feel pretty discouraged about it. You may not know where to begin in order to get rid of it.

Don’t let this stress you out! It’s a completely normal reaction, but it’s not necessary, because there are plenty of ab exercises you can do to help get rid of that midsection weight. Read on to find out about three of our favorites here at Mommy Workouts.

1. Balancing on a ledge

This exercise focuses on many parts of your abdominals including the deep lateral hip and pelvis stabilizer and the interface of both oblique layers (the sides of your waist). Grab your yoga block and get ready to feel the burn. This is how it’s done:

  • Place your right elbow on the ground and your right hip on your yoga block. At this point, your legs will still be resting on the ground.
  • Use your side-waist muscles to lift your legs three to six inches off the ground.
  • Double check to ensure that your shoulders, pelvis, and ankles are all lined up with one another—and that your legs are together. Don’t let those legs stray apart!
  • Do your best to hold this position for one minute—and don’t forget to breathe!
  • Once you’ve held the position for sixty seconds, switch to the other side.

2. Bicycling—on the ground

This exercise is a pretty popular one, and it can be done without any sort of equipment. It targets your obliques and the rectus abdominis (which gives you that killer six pack).

  • Lie on your back, face up, and place your hands behind your head. Don’t interlace your fingers. Your hands are there just for support.
  • Bring both knees into your chest and lift your head and shoulder blades off of the floor.
  • Rotate your upper body to the left while bringing your right elbow towards your left bent knee. As you do this, straighten your right leg.
  • Slowly switch sides and bend your right knee so that your left elbow reaches towards your right bent knee and your left leg straightens.
  • Continue switching sides for fifteen repetitions. Try to do three sets if you can.

3. Exercise ball sit-ups

You’ll want to grab your inflated exercise ball for this abdominal exercise, which targets that six pack once again. You might be wondering why the ball is necessary—why can’t you just do standard crunches on the ground? Well, using an exercise ball makes your abs work harder, and you’ll have to use your whole body to stay balanced as you work out. So let’s do it!

  • Lie on the ball, with it positioned under your lower back.
  • Place your hands behind your head—don’t interlace your fingers. Your hands are there only to support your neck.
  • Engage your abdominal muscles to lift your upper body off the exercise ball. As you do this, you’ll be pulling your belly button inwards, toward your spine. As you curl your torso up, make sure to keep the ball stable—you don’t want it rolling all over the place.
  • Slowly lower your torso back down to your original posture, which will give your abs a great stretch.
  • Repeat these crunches fifteen times, and try to aim for three full sets.

These are our favorite three exercises for whipping that midsection into shape. What are your go-to ab exercises?

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  • Talanaro

    Thanks for posting this.  I have been looking for simple workouts that I can do at home instead of going to a gym to get back in shape after my little girl was born.  These are simple & don’t take up a lot of time.  Now, I just have to get the determination to do them & keep doing them!

    • MommyWorkouts

      I think motivation is the hardest obstacle to overcome with getting back into shape. But just take it one step at a time and as long as you keep it simple and do a little at a time, you’ll start to see results, which in the end will be motivation :)