How to Run Like a Pro


It’s no secret that running is one of the best workouts you can do. The cardio is out of this world—almost unmatchable—and the long, lean legs and toned muscles you gain from running regularly are desired by pretty much all moms (and women, period) out there. But how can you ensure that you’re running correctly… Read More »

A Different Kind of Exercise Program: Tai Cheng

tai chi

You could be one of those many people who simply can’t find an exercise program that’s up your alley. Maybe you aren’t a fan of dancing, so zumba’s out. Perhaps you can’t stand resistance training, so TRX is out. You may think that you’ve exhausted all types of working out—but this couldn’t be further from… Read More »

Selecting the Right Formula for Your Baby

baby formula

Whether you’re making the transition from breastfeeding to formula, have had issues breastfeeding and need to go the formula route, or have decided against breastfeeding altogether, you may be slightly confused as to exactly how to go about finding the ideal formula for your little one. There are so many different types and brands of… Read More »

What Can You Get Out of TRX Training?


As you know, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time talking about the TRX Training program and what it’s all about. But you may still be asking yourself: “What can I get out of TRX?” To start, it’s important to point out that this type of exercise program is based on a planar approach,… Read More »

How to Burn Off That Thanksgiving Meal

thanksgiving dinner

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for all us Americans, which means that we”re all getting amped up to eat like gluttonous kings (does Henry VIII come in mind?). There will be turkey and stuffing, green bean casserole and buttery mashed potatoes, soft rolls and cranberry sauce…and that”s not all—there are many more treats that will sit on… Read More »

TRX Blog to Help You Stay Motivated


When you’re working out, it can be difficult to keep up the discipline and motivation. In fact, there will certainly be days that you just want to give up. The TRX Training program understands how easy it is to quit an exercise regimen, so they’re prepared to provide you with as much support and inspiration… Read More »

How to Prepare Your Kids for a New Baby


If you’re currently pregnant and you already have one or more other children, then you may be wondering exactly what you can do to prepare your children for their new sibling. Following are some tips for you to keep in mind so that bringing the new baby into your home will be as smooth of… Read More »

If You’re Going to Do a Cleanse…


Unless you live in a dark place that has no electricity or connection to the outside world, you’ve most likely heard about the various body cleanses that celebrities and “civilians” are doing to achieve their health goals. While we can’t claim to be an expert on every single cleanse that’s out there, one that we… Read More »

6 Tips for Getting Your Baby to Sleep—and Stay Asleep

sleeping baby

Any parent can tell you that one of the most frustrating parts of raising a baby is getting him or her to sleep through the night. Some babies may have a hard time falling asleep, while others have difficulties staying asleep. Regardless of your baby’s sleeping issues, these tips can help your little one to… Read More »

Only Have Ten Minutes to Work Out?


It doesn’t sound like much—in fact, most fitness experts recommend at least twenty to thirty minutes of exercise per day. However, there’s one exercise program that promises you results in only ten minutes a day. It’s no secret that moms are pretty busy people—and if you’ve got a newborn in the house, then you’re even… Read More »